We are a family run U-Pick and *Pre-Pick strawberry farm since 1975.  We are proud to bring you fresh Manitoba produce every year.  Please check below for picking information and recommendations.  

**We will not be offering pre-pick strawberries at this time.  If this changes we will post in updates section.

Picking Information. *Updated 6/25/21

-Pricing $15 4/l ice cream pail/cardboard picking container.

- We offer discounts on large pickings.  Pick 10 containers, pay for 9. 

-We provide free cardboard picking containers, however, if you wish to bring your own containers for picking please bring only 4L ice cream pails.

-Picking start time 8am-6pm daily during picking season.  No appointments needed  We will close if picked out for the day accordingly.  To ensure that you do not come when we are closed, it's recommended that you come early on picking days, and check the Daily Updates which will show if we are closed for the day.

-Please follow all posted rules and picking instructions. There can be many people picking at one time so we ask that you be patient and respectful in order to make your experience and everyone else's enjoyable.

-It's important that you check the weather prior to coming, rain, heat, and sun pose there own unique problems so we asked to you dress accordingly.  In wet weather bring boots and coat. Hot sunny days wear sunscreen and always bring plenty of water to drink.

-We do have restroom facilities if needed.

-Picnic tables/rest area available.