Updates - Welcome to our updates page.  Below you will find the most up to date information on Picking dates and times.

Thursday, July 15 - We are finished picking for the season.

We would like to thank all our customers and newcomers to the farm for your support. Although the berries this year were super sweet and tasty, the berries were on the smaller size due to the lack of snow last winter. We are confident that given a more normal winter the berries will be back next year to what both you and we expect. We will keep you updated.

Again, thank you for your patronage, and have a Great Year.


Tuesday, July 13/21 - Our next picking is going to be Thursday, July 15 and we open at 8:00 am.  Please come early.

Sunday 10:20am - We are now closed for the day.  Please check back as we may have another picking this week.

Friday July 9/21 - We plan on picking Sunday starting at 8 am but please check the website Saturday after 5 pm. If you don't see any new updates then we will be picking Sunday.  I will only update Saturday if we need to move picking to Monday.


Thursday July 8/21 - We plan to have our next picking either Saturday or Sunday depending on how the berries are ripening.  Please check back Friday.  I will update which day we will for sure be picking next.

Wednesday July 7/21. 8:20am

Due to the high volume of pickers we are now closed for the day. Please check in the evening for information of our next picking day.

July 5/21 - We now plan to be open Wednesday, July 7th at 8 am.   Weather plays a large role in how the berries ripen this time of year, so we highly recommend that you still check back here Tuesday evening to ensure that Wednesday is still the next picking day.  Thank you.


July 4/21 - We are now closed for the day.  Our next picking will either be Tuesday or Wednesday.  Please check back Monday evening.  Will Update the next picking date at that time. 

July 2/21 - We will be open Sunday July 4th at 8am.


July 1/21 - We will be closed Friday July 2nd.  Please check back on Friday.  We will be updating whether we will be picking Saturday or Sunday.   

June 29/21 - Opening day has arrived, our first picking of the season will be on Thursday, July 1st starting at 8am.  The berries are looking fantastic.  We look forward to seeing you.



June.26/21 - We will be picking starting this week either Wednesday or Thursday.  We will update the exact date on Monday. Keep in mind the weather plays a big roll in how the berries come along.  Thanks.


June.21/21 - The strawberries are in full bloom.  We look to be picking in the next 10-14 days.  Stay tuned and we will update as soon as we get closer to the start of picking.


May.30/21- The strawberries enjoyed the winter and are looking awesome, however due to the mild spring we had the start of picking season looks to be later than normal.  We are predicting a start date sometime in early July, however this can change depending on many factors.  We recommend that you check back here towards the end of June for updates. Thanks.